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Purcell International Group's core business is identifying outstanding executives and placing them into senior leadership roles at exceptional companies; delivering meaningful results to both clients and candidates.

Each division at Purcell International Group consists of senior partners, partners, and a team of recruiting consultants. It is the function of these recruiting consultants to identify and pre-qualify possible candidates for each project and forward the results to the partner. The resources employed by these recruiting consultants include, but are not limited to our company's extensive database, publications, professional associations, and industry directories.

Using the information provided by the recruiting consultants, our partners further assess potential candidates' qualifications and level of interest in making a career change. At this point in the search process, the client remains confidential. Qualified, viable candidates are then presented with the opportunity for the first time, whereby, the client is identified and the candidate's interest is further developed. The senior partner is responsible for final evaluation and the personal interview prior to presentation to the client.